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This is where you will find a review of a deal of the day, if there are any worth telling you about. If I do find a deal that I am not fully in love with but think that some of you may benefit from it, I will tell you about that also. As I have stated before, if you succeed then I succeed and that is the only way to build a business that will endure time and sustain a following of people who will benefit from my promotions and teachings. I want everyone who has the drive to succeed and become their own boss, to be able to do so by learning from me. When I find a product that I absolutely think will help most of us, I will give you a full review of the good and the bad of it, without bias. Check this area everyday for a link to learning, software, themes, plugins, and whatever is worth your time. Thank you and I hope that each of you fulfill your goals and dreams with my help.  Morris “Murph” Murphy