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PLR is a system of selling other peoples’ products and it does work. But be careful because there is good PLR and bad PLR. How do you tell the difference? Ask ME! I’ve been around for a long time now and know who puts out good and who puts out bad (or ok but ok doesn’t pay the bills). I also know that even though some PLR is good, it doesn’t always sell that good.

PLR or Private Label Rights products are a great way to start building a great steady income. I know people who only sell PLR and make a fortune doing so. By a fortune, I mean that they are living a great life, such as upper-level management or high middle class. I know that I would be happy with a middle to high six figure income. Not that I am saying that you can or will be doing that because everyone is different and you will only make money if you take action, listen to your mentor, and are willing to put some really hard work into building a great life for yourself.

I will be promoting only the best PLR available. If I see something out there that is ok but I would not promote it for some reason, I will let you know about it and why I would not buy it. As I said previously, there is some PLR that is good but because of the timing, how it is set up, or any of a number of reasons, I would not personally sell it or tell you that you should. I want to earn your trust and to do that I have to be transparent and up-front about what I teach you or what I am promoting to you.

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